Lesson 3 - EngTips

Некоторые наречия имеют две формы, которые отличаются по значению:


Не works hard. (Он работает с большим усердием.)

I could hardly understand him. (Я с трудом могла понять его.)


She went to bed late yesterday. (Она вчера поздно легла спать.)

She hasn’t been feeling well lately. (Она плохо себя чувствует в последнее время.)


The plane flew high in the sky. (Самолёт летел высоко в небе.)

She hardly eats anything. (Она почти ничего не ест.)

Следующие слова являются прилагательными: lovely, likely, costly, cowardly, deadly, elderly friendly, lively, lonely, manly, silly, ugly. Для образования наречий используется конструкция: in a friendly way, in a silly manner.

После глаголов get (становиться), become, be, grow (становиться), turn (ста­новиться), feel (чувствовать себя), look (выглядеть), appear (выглядеть), seem, sound, taste (иметь вкус), smell (пахнуть) используются только прилагательные, е. g. Her new dress looks nice. He got angry when he heard about it.

Задание 1. Определи: наречие или прилагательное

  • The teacher's questions were very easy, (adjective)
  • We answered the questions easily. (adverb)
  • She played chess worse than usual.
  • The lighting in this office is worse than in that one.
  • He works more than usual.
  • There are more books on this shelf.
  • Jim is an early bird.
  • He gets up early.
  • Jane has very little knowledge of the subject.
  • At first Mike little thought about the future.

Задание 2. Выбери нужную форму.

  • Ann didn’t rest very (good/well) last night.
  • It is not (good/well) for you to eat before going to bed.
  • Sally spoke (angry/angrily) with me.
  • He got (angry/angrily) at what she said.
  • The children were very (happy/happily).
  • They lived (happily/happy)
  • The girl came into the room very (quietly/quiet)
  • She said it in a very (quietly/quiet) voice
  • The man was (dangerously/ dangerous)
  • The fire was (dangerously/dangerous).

Задание 3. Преобразуй прилагательное в наречие.

  • The children laughed happily (happy).
  • Nick was walking ___________ (quick) down the street.
  • She has___________ (near) finished her homework.
  • (Sudden) ___________ he turned round.
  • John and Ann have been visiting us a lot___________ (late)
  • Mum turned___________ (nervous) to me.
  • My friends spoke so___________ (loud) that they woke up the baby.
  • This restaurant was___________ (high) recommended.
  • My sister is___________ (most) interested in cooking.
  • Nick exercises___________ regular) at the stadium.

Задание 4. Исправь ошибку.

  • She looked round helpless.
  • The twins were dressed different.
  • Tom answered the question quite simple.
  • The food was cooked perfect.
  • They preserved vegetables bad.
  • The Browns hard go anywhere.
  • Which of these two desserts do you like mostly?
  • The kite flew highly in the sky.
  • It is wide believed that obesity is dangerous.
  • Late the cost of leaving has been increasing.

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