Lesson 6. How to work through family problems - EngTips

Глагол should с инфинитивом служит для выражения совета и переводится на русский язык должен, должен бы, следует, следовало бы.

Для выражения совета можно также использовать следующие фразы:

Try to/ try not to — Постарайся...

The best way to... is to... — Лучший способ... это...

You need to... — Тебе нужно...


Give advice

drive more slowly, wear a clock, not borrow, do homework, see a film, be more careful, not buy such expensive notebook, eat healthy food, book a table in advance, help her clean the windows

  1. Sally borrowed her father’s car without asking. Father was angry.
  2. Sorry, I am late again.
  3. Your friend didn’t see a film last night.
  4. Paul didn’t do his homework and got a bad mark
  5. Ann is clumsy. She is always breaking things
  6. Nick always drives his motorbike too fast.
  7. Mike spent all his money on an expensive laptop
  8. Your brother eats a lot of junk food which is bad for his health
  9. My younger sister decided to clean the windows.
  10. My parents and I go out for a meal tonight.
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