Lesson 1. Happy families are alike - EngTips


 A nuclear family / immediate family

An extended family

A single-parent family


My (aunt) on my mother’s side

A Cousin

A nephew

A niece

Only child

To rely on

A close-knit family

A shoulder to cry on



To deal with

To support smb/ a support/supportive

To get on/along well with




Entertain / Entertainment

 To share domestic chores

To share housework

To manage the house

to take marriage vow

To appreciate

To marry / to remarry

To obey parents

To raise

To shrink

A child-minder

A day-care center

To be child-centered

To live separately

To bring up

To respect an opinion

To fit into a family

A stepfather/mother



A bridegroom

A bride


To adopt a child


To be fostered/a foster family

To be involved in childcare

To call off (a wedding)

To go out on dates

To release tension

A widow

A bachelor

A spinster

A spouse

A wife

A husband

A honeymoon


Fiancée / fiancé

A bridesmaid



Do you spoil your kids?

Discuss these questions with a partner:

1. Were you spoiled as a child?
2. What does 'spoiling' a child mean to you?
3. How many of the following things do you consider 'spoiling a child’?
a. Giving a five-year-old pocket money.
b. Taking a four-year-old child to Florida to see Disneyworld.
c. Giving a child sweets every day.
d. Letting a seven-year-old child stay up till 11 at night. c. Buying a
child expensive toys.
f. Sending a child to a private school.
g. Buying a child the latest clothes.
h. Letting a child watch as much television as he or she wants.

What other things do you consider spoil children?

Read the following article, then answer the questions which follow:

1. Why did Jackson put his son’s life at risk?


Berlin. Nov 20. 2002, Last night the singer Michael Jackson shocked his fans as he dangled his baby son over his fourth floor hotel balcony. It was not clear what Jackson's intentions were, but it looks as if he will escape a criminal investigation unless the German authorities receive a complaint from the general public. It was ironic that the singer seemed to be putting his baby's life at risk while he wasin the city to receive a lifetime achievement award and to attend a charity night for homeless children. In a written statement the singer said, "I made a terrible mistake. I got caught up in the excitement of the moment. I would never intentionally endanger the lives of my children."

The child, Prince Michael II, is Jackson’s third and youngest. The boy, his tiny legs kicking, seemed to be covered with a while cloth as Jackson held him in the air from the luxurious Adloo Hotel. Many people have aired doubts about Jackson’s treatment of his three children. Whenever they appear in public, they wear masks so that nobody will recognize them. Jackson claims to be protecting them from exploration by the media, but they seem to live in a private world, unable to mix with other children. Although their millionaire father will make sure they want for nothing, they are growing up with no mother present and incapable of going anywhere without the whole Jackson media circus in attendance.

Last year Jackson's father. Joseph, sроке out in favour of spunking children. He maintained that there wouldn't be so much crime if parents were prepared to punish their kids a little and take care that they stayed on the right track. Michael Jackson claims his father beat him and hit
brothers and sisters regularly when they were growing up.

2. What is worrying about the way Jackson is bringing up bis children?
3. What else do you know about Jackson and his children?
4. If you were rich and famous how would you protect your children from the media?

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