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People say that our planet is in danger. Do you share this opinion?

Environment is the nature around us: air, water, trees, flowers, animals, birds and insects. Nature has served people for many years, but people’s in­terference with nature has increased and the results are dramatic. Nowadays mankind faces numerous problems which threaten our environment.

Among the most urgent problems are the ozone layer destruction, acid rains, global warming, air pollution, soil pollution, contamination of under­ground waters by chemical elements, disappearance of forests, animal extinc­tion, etc.

The poisoning of the world’s land, air, and water is the fastest-spreading disease of civilization. It probably produces fewer headlines than wars, earth­quakes and floods, but it is potentially one of history’s greatest dangers to human life on earth. If present trends continue for the next several decades, our planet will become uninhabitable.

Every ten minutes one kind of animal, plant or insect dies out for ever. If nothing is done about it, one million species that are alive today will have become extinct twenty years from now.

Industrial enterprises emit tons of harmful substances. These emissions have disastrous consequences for our planet. They are the main reason for the greenhouse effect and acid rains. An even greater environmental threat comes from nuclear power stations. We all know how tragic the consequen­ces of the Chernobyl disaster are.

Do you think people should protect the environment? What should they do?

People should understand that the planet needs their immediate help if they want to survive and they should take measures to protect nature.

First of all, they should understand that natural resources are limited and we can’t use them uncontrollably. Nothing can last forever. When you are aware of that you ought to start to do something. You should recycle things and use gas, electricity and water more economically. People should use pub­lic transport instead of private cars to reduce air pollution. They should re­cycle paper and cardboard to save trees.

They should join and support various international organizations and green parties. If governments also wake up to what is happening, perhaps we’ll be able to avoid the disaster that threatens the natural world and all of us with it.

What would you like to ask your British friend about measures that are taken to protect the environment in Britain?

  • What measures are taken by your government to protect rare animals and birds?
  • Are there any civil societies in Britain that aim at nature protection?
  • What does your government do to protect marine species?
  • Do your mass media share knowledge on nature protection?
  • Do the British actively participate in protecting actions?

Answer these questions in terms of our country.

A friend of yours wants to develop a programme to protect the city where he lives. Give him a piece of advice.

If I were you I would carry out a research on the use of private cars and their bad influence on the atmosphere and then, with the results, I would draw people’s attention to the problem.

I think shooting a 2-minute video about animals in danger and people’s help to them would be a good idea too.

An ideal Eco-House contest is held in the country and you want your school to enter it. Give some "green ideas" about houses.

People aren’t going to change their habits just to save the environment. They need to see the benefits for themselves. Here are some ideas to make your house ecological:

  • install underfloor heating;
  • buy furniture made from recycled materials;
  • use water-based paints with natural pigments;
  • if renovating or building, insist that your builder reduces waste and re­cycles rather than sending material to landfill;
  • consider investing in solar panels;
  • choose wood-framed windows rather than plastic or metal;
  • replace old-style bulbs with energy-saving ones;
  • monitor your electricity consumption;
  • fit a water-saving showerhead;
  • reduce, reuse, recycle.
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