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 How important is art in our lives?

It is human to admire beauty around us, we are often stmck when we see a painting or read a beautiful poem, or listen to soothing music. Art is every­where around us in many forms and holds a significant value in our lives. It is difficult to describe "art" in literal terms, but broadly it is understood as a form to express one’s feelings through any object or medium like paper, music, colours, technology, magic, photography, etc. It can be abstract, real­istic, naturalistic, conceptual and inspirational.

We are surrounded by art and also rely on it in our daily routine. When we enter someone’s home, it is difficult to stop ourselves to appreciate the way the living-room is decorated. It’s also art. One doesn’t have to be a painter, every individual expresses himself/herself, uses imagination and cre­ative energy to embellish and decorate the surrounding.

Art has many forms. Visual and performing arts are the ones that can be related easily. Visual arts broadly comprise of paintings, drawing, clay mod­eling, architecture, photography, etc. Performing arts include dance, music, opera, theatre, magic, spoken words, circus art and musical theatre. It is inter­related with entertainment.

Music has a great impact on our mood. It makes us joyful and relaxes us and keeps the energy on. Not only music but also movies, plays and theatre also make us active.

It can be concluded that the importance of arts in our lives is very simi­lar to entertainment. Nowadays art and craft education are encouraged at schools for children. It can be inspirational as well.

Art can be defined as communication between an artist and the audience. When an author writes, he takes words to create a story to communicate to us. Through this story, we are able to create a picture of the characters, visit new places, and find new meaning in simple events. An author’s writing style is his platform for sharing art.

Let’s talk about people’s reading preferences. What do you like reading?

Undoubtedly, the role of books in our life is really great. Books help to understand people surrounding us better. Devoting much time to reading we become better informed and more educated. Reading plays a great role in my life, too. It develops my literary taste, it makes me think over the important questions, that have to worry everybody. Reading develops my speech and helps me express my views, thoughts, ideas in clear, simple words. It also develops my outlook and my attitude to the life.

Reading plays a veiy important role in the life of people. It educates a person, enriches his intellect. Books help to mould a person’s character, form his moral values. Besides, books bring pleasure and delight. It’s a wonderful way to spend spare time. Sometimes we read the same book again and again. Thanks to books we learn to express our thoughts and feelings more exactly. The book is a faithful and understanding friend. There are books which have been our favorites since childhood. People are fond of reading different kinds of books. Some people enjoy reading detective stories, adventure stories, novels, biographies, other prefer classics. Fairy tales are enjoyed and read by children, books about adventures and journeys are enjoyed by those who are fond of travelling. Legends and myths are read by those who are fond of history. Some people devote much time to reading books and reading be­comes their free time occupation, their passion.

My reading preferences are various. For me, it is not the genre of the book that matters, but the talent and emotions the author has put into it. The choice of a book to read depends on my mood and the amount of free time I have.

But when I am not pressed for time, I prefer classical literature of the 19th and 20th centuries. To my mind, it was the "golden age" in the history of literature when masterpieces were created.

What questions can you ask a British friend about his/ her artistic preferences?

  • What arts are you interested in?
  • What kind of music do you like most? What are your favourite singers, bands?
  • Are you fond of painting?
  • Do you like going to the cinema? What movies have you seen lately?
  • Are you fond of reading books? What authors are your favourite?

What preferences do you have in music?

I’m so enthusiastic about listening to music, which has now become an extremely widespread hobby. You can hardly see any teenager without ear­phones in his ears on the streets today. The world of music is varied and color­ful. There is a great range of musical styles. Personally I mostly prefer metal music. It promotes power and might, sense of purpose, true friendship and heroism. Besides I really enjoy glam metal, which is a reflection of 80th, when people were free and emotional. This music moves me through time and plung­es me into the atmosphere of freedom. Moreover I am fancy about some Russian and Belarusian rock bands, as well as classic organ music and ethnic motifs.

Is cinema still important? Why (not)?

To some extent, yes, it is. Films will always stay as one of the entertain­ments for people. But I should admit that cinemas attract many people while some new blockbusters are running there. Film producers realize that they have to make up something new to attract people. And with nowadays new technologies it is so fascinating to watch films wearing 3D glasses, for ex­ample. You get the full picture of the movie and can experience all the special effects personally as if you were a hero of that movie yourself. You can feel the water splashing right into your face, the blowing sand wind making you close your eyes, some frightening monsters that are ready to attack you!

Some people prefer watching movies at the cinema. They believe that cin­ema has a better atmosphere to enjoy the movie. However, from my point of view, people who watch movies at home are happier and freer than people who choose the cinema. People who watch movies at home feel more comfortable. Contrary to the fact that you have to book the ticket in advance in order to have a better position, there is no need for people at home to worry about the ticket.

Most experts consider that cinema provides the best conditions for watch­ing movies. However, with good equipment at home, we still have a chance to appreciate the movie.

As far as I am concerned, watching movies is relaxing. Cinema may just provide the best conditions to watch movie not the best way to enjoy the movie. To my mind, watching movie at home is better. But anyway there should be cinemas, it’s a good chance to hang out with your mates.

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